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About Us

Lakhala is a part of well reputable and well identified mother company named Champika Group (Pvt) Ltd which was established in early 1980s and are involved in Horticulture, Hotel Industry, Gem & Jewellery, Building Material Industry and front-runners in the Printing Industry.

Lakhala was established in the same time with the welcome opening of Elephant Orphanage Pinnawala that is the safe heaven to all the Orphan elephants in Sri Lanka. We are located next to the main entrance of the Elephant Orphanage in one of the eye catching Architecture designed building.

We are cheerful (blush) to accept all the upbeat comments from all the customers whom have been through our Gallery.

We are proud to announce that we have the one of the best customer tale around the world.

  • Displays colours of the artifacts may be vary from 10% to 15%.
  • Goods can be delivered within 30 to 60days from the time of the placing the order. Time duration depends on the Geographical location of the destination.
  • Special arrangements can be made to deliver goods at a specific time.
  • We are happy to manufacture any item of your choice as a custom order.
  • Special discounts are available to orders of large quantities.

Our Products

MASKS – Mask carving is a historical cottage industry in southern part of Sri Lanka. All masks are hand carved. Mask carving is a time consuming difficult task, which needed special skill from the craftsmen. High quality masks are made by Kaduru (Balsa) wood, which is a light in weight and a softer wood.
During the past era villagers of the remote areas used to play devil dancing known as Thovil to get cure from illness, epidemics, disease, and droughts. To play this dancing there was a  skilled person call Kattadiya. He used to worn identical mask to particular illness. The villagers believe they get cure from the illness after this devil dancing.
Other than this the mask also bring peace, happiness, harmony, prosperity, good health, and good luck.
Following different types of masks are used for different ailments and setbacks in life.
Naga Raksha (COBRA DEMON) – Sign of protection. Protect from evil and    sicknesses.
Gini Raksha (FIRE DEMON) – Enemies to get friendly and them to be happy.
Mal Gurulu Raksha (Gurulu is mythical bird similar to Peacock ) – Will be powerful and popular.
Divinaga (DUEL COBRA DEMON)– For protection.
Naga Gurulu Raksha (COMBINATION OF GURULA AND COBRA) – Protects from all dangers, brings peace, and popularity.
Mayura Raksha (PEACOCK DEMON) –Brings peace, happiness and luck.
Guru Raksha (MARS DEMON) – Protect from evil eye and evil mouth.
Daha Ata Sanniya (EIGHTEEN DEMON) – Protection from eighteen causes of sicknesses, protect from epidemics.
Monara Muhuna ( PEACOCK FACE) – For peace, happiness and luck.
Gopalu Muhuna (SHEPPERD FACE) – For bigger harvest.
FURNITURE – Producing high quality furniture with rare creative carving designs or plain designs of Sril Lanka are world famous. These furniture mainly made out of Mahogany, Teak, or Satin, which will last hundreds of years.
MODERN FURNITURE – We make modern type furniture polished or and painted.
ANTIQUE FURNITURE – We make according to different eras, identical antique furniture.
KAVICHCHIYA (SOFA) – Used in houses of noblemen as Sofa.
PETTAGAMA (STRON BOX) –Used in houses of noblemen to store food, cloths, and valuables.

In making to maintain the antique appearance we use thick chunks of high quality wood removed from residences of noblemen, of by gone era, bungalows, railway stations, and out of

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